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Immediate Implant

An Implant is placed in the hole left by the tooth root. An Abutment is fixed to the Implant ... ... then a Crown is fitted to the Abutment. An Immediate Implant can be fitted from start to finish in one appointment.

Implant Cleaning

Acute marginal inflamation. Use extra soft filaments for the acutely affected area. Using a standard brushing technique ... ... gently but effectively removes debris. Interdental cleaning with the extra soft range ... ... removes plaque comfortably and effectively. Use a standard inter dental cleaning technique with extra soft filaments. Resolution of inflamed site.

Implant Maintenance

Following the placement of an implant ... ... it is important to keep the surrounding area clean. Use a 45 degree angle as the standard brushing technique. Use plastic coated interdental brushes for safe effective plaque removal. Tightly floss approximal surfaces and implants. Ensure all surfaces are clean. Adapt floss/tape for teeth and gums.

Implants With Bar

A number of Implants may be used to secure a lower denture. A hole is made in the jaw bone for each Implant. The Implant is positioned and a Healing Cap applied. The gum is replaced while the bone recovers. Access to the Implant is made and the second part of the Implant is attached. The bars are attached ... ... and tiny magnets in the denture then keep it securely in place.


A missing front tooth. A hole is prepared in the jaw bone in stages. An Implant is fitted ... ... and a healing cap inserted. When the Implant has healed, the healing cap is exposed ... ... and an abutment insrted. A crown is then fited to the abutment.

Implant Crown Options

Once an Implant has been placed ... ... an abutment is fitted to hold the Crown. The abutment and the base of the crown may be metal. However, in certain light, this can make the tooth look dull. An alternative ... ... is for the abutment to be made of white material ... ... and the Crown made of solid porcelain. This will give a more natural look to the tooth.

Implant Temporary

When an implant is placed, it can be some months before the new tooth is fitted. A temporary denture can be made for cosmetic purposes. But the impact from the lower jaw can disturb the implant and affect the healing process. As an alternative an adhesive bridge can be made which is fixed to the adjacent tooth. This provides a tiny, but permanent gap between the tooth and the new implant.

Sinus Lift

Sinuses are cavities inside the structure of our skull. When we lose a tooth, the bone around the root area starts to recede. This can lead to the sinus expanding into the tooth root area. If you choose to have an Implant ... ... there may not be sufficient bone to support it. Special material can be inserted to encourage bone re-growth and 'lift' the sinus. Over time, the bone will re-grow ... ... providing enough bone to support the Implant.

Bridges Factsheet

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