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Bone Changes After Extraction

When teeth have been missing for some time ... ... the bone and gums can begin to change shape. This can affect surrounding teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

An impacted Wisdom tooth. Some bone is removed to gain access ... ... the tooth is split ... ... the roots are removed separately. The gum is replaced and heals naturally

Dry Socket

After a damaged tooth is removed ... ... the 'socket' naturally produces a blood clot. Over time the gum will heal over the clot, and gum tissue is restored. However, after the tooth is removed ... ... if the clot is lost ... ... by premature rinsing for example ... ... the bone can be exposed to the air ... ... this can be very painful. An anti-bacterial swab can be inserted and slowly the gum will heal from below ... ... until the gum tissue is restored.

Bridges Factsheet

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