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Use small circular movements with the brush held at 45 degrees to the tooth. Move systematically around the mouth. Remember to clean the inside surfaces ... ... and the biting surfaces. Dont forget behind the top and bottom teeth. A good technique will take 2 minutes.

Fissure Sealants

Tiny cracks appear in back teeth as they grow. Food particles often become lodged. Fissure sealant is applied in droplet form. The sealant is hardened using a bright light ... ... protecting against tooth decay.

Interdental Brushing

The TePe interdental brush is used to clean in between teeth. Turning the brush on insertion will help access. Used daily, it removes plaque and food debris where your usual brush cannot reach. For spaces at the back of the mouth, bend the brush in a slight curve but never at right angles ... ... this will help you access the more difficult-to-reach areas. A choice of 8 colour-coded sizes is available to help clean different sized spaces.

Super Floss

Superfloss can be used 'under' bridges. First use the stiff end of the Superfloss to insert between the teeth. Pull the Superfloss through and then sweep under the pontic. Pull through the normal floss and floss the abutments as usual.


Debris accumulates between the teeth. If not removed, bacteria will develop and plaque will form. Use the floss with a back and forth motion ... ... and with a vertical action until all the plaque is removed. Work the floss gently under the gum.

Implant Maintenance

Following the placement of an implant ... ... it is important to keep the surrounding area clean. Use a 45 degree angle as the standard brushing technique. Use plastic coated interdental brushes for safe effective plaque removal. Tightly floss approximal surfaces and implants. Ensure all surfaces are clean. Adapt floss/tape for teeth and gums.

Mouth Rinse

Plaque build-up can lead to inflamed gums. A mouth rinse can help ... ... by removing the plaque ... ... and reducing the inflammation.

Bridges Factsheet

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