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Denture Relining

Dentures sit on top of the gum. But the gum changes shape, particularly in the period following extraction. Dentures may become mobile. The denture can be relined to improve the fit, but this will make the denture heavier.

Over Denture

Partial dentures can sometimes move as gums change shape. Securing the denture to an existing tooth can be the solution. A stud can be fixed to an adjacent tooth. The partial denture then 'clicks' onto this stud to secure it in place.

Missing Teeth Options

When a number of teeth are missing, there are various options available. You may choose to have a denture. But over time, your gums will recede ... ... and the denture may not fit as well. You could choose to have Implants to secure the denture. One way is a small number of Implants with a bar and magnets to hold the denture ... ... another is a small number of Implants to which the denture is secured ... ... or a greater number of Implants onto which a set of teeth and permanently fitted.

Bridges Factsheet

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